Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Change of Plans = Indoor Spinning

So, I had a change of plans today. I had planned to go for a 2 hour ride through Minnetonka with a handful of repeats up Williston road, just for flavor. It's been raining most of the day, not cats and dogs, but enough to keep things cool and moist. That's not the problem. The problem is that I came home to a washing machine full of still-wet lycra-spandex, including all of my cool weather gear. I had forgotten to switch the load into the dryer last night. Ugh. The only clean clothes I had left were a backup pair of shorts and an old (AKA Baggy) jersey. I guess I'll be on the trainer tonight.

My Rusty Steed set up for some indoor goodness

Pardon me for not being terribly enthused about an indoor ride. I've been doing them since November and just got used to the idea of cycling outside again. So, today's workout will be short and sweet.

I spent 60 solid minutes alternating between cadences and trying to keep my heart rate over 130, but under 140. The good news is that I got to catch The Simpsons (Apu has octuplets, CLASSIC!)

Tomorrow is looking better though. I'll hit the pool for a while after work and even got The Wife to agree to a quick run before dinner.

What I'm REALLY looking forward to is Friday. I'm taking the day off to head to Milwaukee for a friend's bachelor party. On the way, I'll be stopping in Madison to test out some of the Ironman bike course. Yay!

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