Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mid-Week Workout Update

I'm now 4 days into the 20-week training plan.  I got off to a slow start on Monday.  The plan called for both a swim and a run, but there was only time for the run portion.  Expecting to adhere to a training plan 100% just isn't realistic, so it's almost a relief to have my first skipped workout early on.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I stuck pretty strictly to the plan.


Tuesday called for a 45 minute run with an effort of 3/10, followed by a quick 60 minute bike.

First off, I LOVE my Garmin 305.  Granted, I've only had it about a month and haven't gotten close to exploring all of the options.  However, I appreciate being able to get immediate feedback for my Heart Rate, distance covered and mile splits all on the same screen.  Nice.

For the run, the effort was supposed to be a 3/10 for 45 minutes.  For me that means, staying aerobic and keeping my heart rate under 160.  Of course, my ego also wanted to keep my mile splits under 10 minutes (6mph).  I ended up covering 4.51 miles in 43:32 with an average heart rate of 151BPM (thank you Mr. Garmin).

In all honesty, my Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) was probably more like a 4 out of 10.  But hey, I stayed aerobic AND ran 9:40 splits.  That's a big thing for this tub-o-goo.  Last year, my splits were between 11 and 12 minutes.  Yay me.

After the run was a 60 minute easy bike ride.  I just headed out towards Medicine Lake and zig-zagged around Plymouth and New Hope until it was time to head towards home.  But the weirdest thing happened around 2/3 through my ride.  My left calf cramped up.  I rarely get crampy calves.  I'm guessing it was a sign that I was starting to get dehydrated.  In the future, I'll have to remember to drink more for extended workouts.  Of course, I can always set my Garmin to remind me to drink every 10 minutes.  Yay technology!


Wednesday was just an easy pool workout.  After running on Monday and Tuesday, it was nice to give my legs a rest and hit the pool.

They must have just re-filled the pool at the gym because the water was frigid.  It took a few minutes to get used to, but once the workout started I think the colder temperature actually helped me keep from overheating.

Warmup: 4 x (75y, last 25y backstroke);
400y RPE3, 400y RPE4, 400y RPE5;
Cooldown: 150y easy

For a guy that's used to workouts somewhere between 3200 and 5000 yards, this little 1650 yard fella was a nice break.  I got to get home ealry and then head to Old Chicago for their Cinco de Mayo tour.  This may be my last mini tour for a while.  I don't think that training and beer mix that well.  I may have to wait until October to continue killing my body with alcohol. 

Thursday's workout was a long easy run around 90 minutes.  Basically, it was doing Monday's run 2 times.  Again, I wanted to keep my heart rate under 160 and run aerobically.  I started by doing a southern loop that I knew was just about 4.5 miles on the nose.

I stopped in the house for about 10 ounces of Gatorade and a handful of Powerbar Gel Blasts.  Then I headed out for a northern loop that was a little over 4 miles.  On the way back to the house, I saw that I had a little time left before I hit 90 minutes, so I added another loop around the block to boost my total time up a little.  Here's a look at my splits

4:16 (.45miles)

They're kind of all over the map.  I'm pretty sure that the 9:20 split on mile 9 is a combination of adrenaline and an extra-long downhill.

That's it for now.  Tomorrow's a rest day.  I'm looking forward to Sunday.  I've finally got a chance for a long relaxing bike ride.  It's about freaking time.

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