Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pool Repeats and the "Bacon Explosion"

Today was a fairly basic pool workout - a 400 yard warm up followed by 400 yard repeats with
60 seconds rest between each.


Nice and steady. Good.

Tomorrow will be the run workout I was planning for today. The 2nd half of which will be with The Wife.

Tomorrow, I'll also be prepping a little surprise for my buddy Doc. He's getting married in May and the Manly Men will be celebrating his bachelorhood with a get-together in Milwaukee.

My role will be to kill him with pork.

I've come across a recipe that involves 2 pounds of bacon and 2 pounds of sausage rolled into a log of artery-clogging goodness. Check out the bacon explosion for what I am about to attempt.

And the best news's Kosher!

More to come on this tomorrow.

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