Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Quick Easter Morning Spin

Today's goal was to hit the road for a couple of hours in the small ring and enjoy a beautiful Easter morning. I had to wrap it up soon after Noon so that I could meet The Wife for a holiday lunch with her family later in the day.

The temp was in the mid 50s, so I went with the classic 'Twin Cities Spoke' kit with arm and leg warmers. I've been known to overdress for early spring workouts, but this combo seemed to be just about perfect. Check the link here for my buddies at the Twin Cities Spoke:

I headed out West on one of my usual routes towards Plymouth. It's a great place to start a ride because there are a lot of lightly traveled county roads and plenty of chances to extend or reduce your route, depending on how the Spirit moves you. The wind was steady, but not cold, just a bit of an annoyance early on when I was heading into it.

I turned South towards Wayzata and then wiggled around the Northeast corner of Lake Minnetonka. At this point, I was glad to have the arm warmers, as the breeze coming off the lake is still pretty chilly.

Once I got to Minnetonka Boulevard and started heading East I got to enjoy a great tailwind. I sped into St. Louis Park and then headed back North along my commuting route. In the end, I did 33.2 miles in 1:57.

Oh yeah. I promised to tell you more about my wife, Megan. She's great, and super-supportive. By 'super-supportive' I mean, tolerant of immense amounts of triathlon-related bull-hooey like long training hours, piles of funky spandex and 'eccentric' grooming habits.

Here's a picture of us from a redneck themed party a year ago. She usually dresses much more respectfully, and I've lost a little weight, so my arms no longer look like raw bratwurst.

Excuse me ma'am, I'm going to have to check your ticket...your ticket to the Gun Show.

That's it for now kids. Tomorrow will be some speed work in the pool and maybe a quick run if daylight allows.

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