Friday, December 17, 2010

Fun in the Kitchen #9 - Reruns

Yeah, I know.  With Christmas approaching, you'd think that I'd have something grandiose in store for you this week.  Well, the fact of the matter is that my sister and her new hubby will be hosting their first Christmas dinner tomorrow.  They'll be covering most of the food, but did request that I whip up another cheesecake.  The only difference being that this time around it'll be a plain cheesecake rather than the marble cheesecake from a few weeks ago.  Why the change?  No good reason.  Actually, it's a dumb reason - I simply forgot to pick up heavy cream for the milk-chocolate sauce.  Whoops.

If you want to review the initial attempt at a cheesecake, go ahead and click here.  Most of the steps (aside from the missing chocolate sauce) remained the same.  Although, I did tweak the baking process just a tad.  I didn't like all the cracks in the top of the cheesecake the last time around.

Sure, it tasted great, but it was a little fugly.

So, this time I lowered the oven rack one notch to give it a little more distance from the top heating elements.  I also reduced the heat just a little earlier.  I kept it at 500 degrees for the first 8 minutes (rather than 10) before turning it down to 200 for another 90 minutes.  The result: Success!  Check it out:
Ahhhh.  Now THAT'S more like it.  No cracks!
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.  In addition to snarfing down some of that golden-brown cheesecake, The Wife and I are going to see my sis' new place down in Rochester.  I've also been told they'll be serving Swedish food, including lefse (think Swedish tortillas), krumkake (waffle cookies) and potatis korv (Swedish Sausage).  Trust me.  This is gonna be good.

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