Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rembering one of my favorite vets

My sister shared this photo with me today.  It's my grandpa and some of his shipmates from World War II.  He's the short wiry guy in the front row with his arms crossed.

He was a SONAR man stationed out in the Pacific.  When I was growing up, he didn't talk about The War much, and I didn't know enough to ask him about it.  To me, he was just 'Grandpa', the guy that took me for tractor rides and called me 'Speedy'.

Most of the stories I heard about him and The War were 2nd or 3rd hand.  Still, it's pretty cool knowing that Grandpa was out there getting the job done.

Grandpa's not around anymore, but his legacy seems to be living on pretty well through his kids and grand-kids.  So, if you know a veteran, get off the computer, go buy them a beer, pat them on the back, and tell them 'thanks'. 

Well done, gentlemen.  Well done.

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