Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Images from the Monster Dash - AKA: I got bombed by a Sconie

The other day, I got an e-mail with a link to photos from the Team Ortho Monster Dash.  "Sweet", I thought.  "Maybe they got a picture of me."   As nice as it was to get some good snapshots from the Ironman, I was shuffling along rather than running fast, and that doesn't exactly make for a dynamic photo.  For the Monster Dash, I actually ran fast, well, fast for ME at least.

The first photo I came across turned out pretty well.
Head High + Chest Out + Smile on Face = Not too shabby.
The second photo they had was a little different.  Without trying to sound conceited, I thought I looked pretty good.  My form was great and they even caught me on the down-stride, so my quad was all flex-y.  I even remember when they took the picture.  I had just passed a group of 4 runners in costume.  Each were decked out in football attire.  Little did I know that the little 'Zombie Packer Cheerleader' would BOMB MY AWESOME RACE PHOTO.  AARGH!

Notice how 'Russ' the Chicago Bears fan is just jogging along, minding his own business.  Meanwhile, his little Packer buddy is pooping in everyone's Cornflakes. 

All kidding aside.  I can't really be mad.  We're all trying to have a fun time out there.

One thing that I would like to see changed is how the sales of race photos are managed.  For the Monster Dash, prices for a single photo start at $13.95.  They're not unique with their prices.  A single photo for the Ironman starts at $16.95   Now, I get that these folks are in business to make money, and I would love to buy more race photos.  However, prices like this are cost-prohibitive.

Some people are going to buy photos regardless of price.  I get that.  But with these costs, I won't buy ANY photos.  How much money did they make off of me?  Hmmm...that would be $0.  Now, if they sell photos for $5 each, well, then I'll probably buy 3 or 4.  How much money have they made off me now?  Up to $20.  That's how much. 

Now, I don't have a business degree, but I'd like to think that if prices were lowered, the increased business volume would offset the change in their 'profit per photo' numbers.  That's all.  Rant over.

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