Friday, September 24, 2010

Back in the Saddle

One of the nice things about completing an Ironman is that you can take any amount of time away from training that you like and nobody will say 'Boo' about it.  It's one of the few times that you can really rest on your laurels and take it easy.  Before yesterday, the closest thing to a workout that I've done since the race is pulling the handle on my recliner.

Now, before I go any further, I should also mention one of the unforeseen negatives about completing an Ironman.  Going through that amount of work in one day pretty much nukes your immune system, making it REALLY easy for you to get sick.  So, while I HAVE been getting some well-deserved rest, I've also been fighting the flu since last week.  Blah.

But I digress.  Yesterday was my first 'official' workout since the big race.  I walked over to the gym during lunch and swam casually for 1000 yards.  This took about 17 minutes give-or-take.  Heck, I didn't even bring my Garmin with me, so you KNOW I wasn't taking it that seriously.  I still felt a little oogy from the flu, but it felt good to get moving again.  I missed the 'feel' of the water.

Today, I did my first run.  This time around, I did bring my Garmin, but didn't bother with the Heart Rate strap.  Screw it.  I just wanted to run and have it be fun - not have my pace dictated by my heart rate.  The weather was PERFECT for running - about 62 degrees and cloudy.  Nice. 

Since I haven't run in almost two weeks, my legs felt fresh when I took off.  Not just fresh - but REALLY fresh.  I actually MISSED running.  Figure that.  It's the sport I'm worst at and usually enjoy training at the least.  But today it felt great. 

Now, I'll remind you again, I'm not a world-class runner.  Heck, I'm usually thrilled to place in the middle of my age group for the run.  So, while an 8:50/mile pace doesn't sound that great, for me to hold that average for just a training run is freakin' awesome.  In fact, it was the first time I've ever done that 4.5 mile route in under 40 minutes.  So, yay me.

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow.  I may run, I may bike.  Who knows.  Sunday looks like it'll be a good day for a ride, so maybe I'll tour around and just soak in the day.  For now, I'm just going to enjoy whatever workout I like without being controlled by a training plan.  Good stuff.  Good good stuff.

For those of you who come here for more meaningful content - worry not.  I'm planning for my next post to be a review of my training shades - the Ryders VTX sunglasses. These are the shades that I won last July from one of 'Steve in a Speedo's' giveaways. 

So, if you're in the market for some new sunglasses, stay tuned. 

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