Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Dog, We Have a Wiener!

Hey kids!  It'll be a short post today.  I'll get you some more to chew on tomorrow - there will be plenty of cool stuff like melt-y bike rides, tempo runs and pool repeats.  The news today is about free gear.  Better yet - free gear for ME.

Remember my post the other day that included some contests I entered?  Well, holy crap, I won one!  Ryder's will be sending me a shiny new pair of VTX shades thanks to Steve in a Speedo.

Those are some sweet shades!  Thanks Ryders!  Thanks Steve!

The contest couldn't have come at a better time.  My Tifosi Slips have had a rough couple of months.  Two of the four lenses are scratched and the tip broke off one of the arms the other day.  I'm really looking forward to taking these out for a spin.

Check back soon for some actual tri-related postings - this time I PROMISE.

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