Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farewell to a Friend, and I Wear Women's Shoes

It was a sad day last week.  I had to say goodbye to a training partner and a good friend of mine.  That's right.  My swim shorts finally bit the dust.  So sad.

Everything was going fine until one day last week when, after a long swim, I noticed that the stitching was starting to separate on one of the seams.

Well, that doesn't look too bad.
I took a closer look, and didn't like what I found...
Uh oh...
If you can do THIS, then it's time for a new pair of shorts.

You may remember my Speedo Endurance shorts from my first product review way back last June.  Chlorine has a way of eating shorts, especially the stretchy kind that lap swimmers use.  I was lucky to eek 2-3 months of use out of a pair of shorts before they became dangerously see-through.  The Endurance line is a blessing.  For just a few dollars more, they lasted well over a year.  What's even cooler is that the fabric never failed, it was the stitching that finally gave out.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

So, the old shorts had a good life, but their time is done.  I ran out the next day and picked up a fresh pair.  This pair is cut a little differently.  There's no seam going up the back, and they leave a little less to the imagination.  If you want to know how much less, then you'll have to meet me for a swim workout some time.

On a somewhat related note, the day after I picked up my new swim trunks, my shower sandals crapped out too.  Ugh.  I'm not too particular about my sandals. I'm happy just as long as they keep my feet off the shower tile.  So, I ran by the nearest target and snagged the cheapest sandals I could find.  Shoot.  How could I possibly screw this up?

Sandals.  Easy.  No problems.  Right?
Then, I took a closer look...
Oh, you have got to be kidding me.
Yep. My new sandals were made for a woman.  So, in addition to my silky smooth legs, I am now sporting some ultra-fem-y footwear.  Basically, I'm all woman below the thighs. 


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  1. OMG! You had me cracking up with this post! I'm not sure how I found my way over to your blog, but I'm glad I did. You are too funny :)